Motivational Video

Last week I found a really inspirational film on YouTube, focusing on motivation. It’s a good example of creating something good out of the work of others. The film uses clips and quotes from a broad variaty of people and uses music from movies.

Designer & Developer

I work as Front-End Engineer at XING and contributed to Jobs (simplified design, new search), Mobile (Touch and iPad hybrid app), the new Groups and the Adaptive Profile.

I am co-creator of the idea for XING Projects, a job platform for freelancer. I worked on this innovation project from the beginning and helped bringing it to the XING BetaLabs program. Later it became a product on the XING platform and was build by a team.

I won the XING awards Best Smart Tools & Services at the Prototyping Days 2013 and Matterhorn Award – Growth at Prototyping Days 2015.

Martial Artist

I love martial arts, especially the Japanese. I practised Shotokan Karate for seven years and then began training Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu.

In Bujinkan we train nine different schools: six Samurai and three Ninja schools, the oldest of these school is 1397 years old and the traditions where given from master to scholar for generations.

These martial arts aren’t sports, but highly efficient fighting systems, proven on the battlefields of ancient Japan.

I run a website on this topic for more than 16 years. I collected knowledge about the history, arts, tools, weapons, philosophy and life of the Ninja.


I am an introvert. Only ¼ of all people around the globe are introverted, that’s why we are usually outnumbered. Introverts think differently, their brain processes information in a different way than other brains. While extraverts get energy by social interaction with other people, introverts loose their energy and need time to refill.


The wise hawk hides its talons.


I love books, to be precise I love paper books. I can not imagine a living room without shelves of books.

Most likly I inherited this passion from my grandfather, who owned over 4000 books. My books count roughly a 1000. I buy books ahead and my desks are always stuffed with unread books. I like classics, books about philosophy, martial arts, art & desgin, architecture, typography and novels.

Work-related books I read mostly digital, because they get old too fast and don’t look nice in most cases.