The source code of this website is available on GitHub. You are welcome to learn from the source code and reuse code for your projects. Don’t steal it. Learn from it. Remix. Reuse. Build your own things. 🤘


  • I designed the website myself in Affinity Designer, using the Japanese art form of shibui (渋い) as a source of inspiration. To learn more about the process, please read the essays about the inspiration and design.
  • The design uses the variable typeface Secuela by deFharo. I use a font scale that is based on the golden ratio, and the font scales automatically to the viewport size.
  • I created the Bonsai image on my homepage and other cover photos with Stable Diffusion, ControlNet, and Affinity Photo. My portrait photo was generated in Stable Diffusion with a custom model trainied in DreamBooth.
  • The minimalistic icons are by Remix Icon, which is Jimmy Cheung and Wendy Gao.